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All athletes regardless of athletic level or status, whether collegiate or professional, will be able to capitalize from sports enthusiasts by showcasing their athletic skills directly on our social media platform. Young athletes to build a fan-base, and gain exposure, that will enable them to obtain recognition from college coaches; whilst college athletes can do the same for exposure to professional sports' teams.

Our Mission

connect, create, and succeed

In addition to personal branding for athletes how many undiscovered Stephen Curry’s are overlooked every year? Year after year, high school athletes are poorly recruited despite their athletic capabilities. In fact, it can be very costly for young athletes to participate in sports outside of school due to the high fees of clubs and camps.

Without participation in these camps, it is hard to get exposure to college recruiters. Nowadays, skills are no longer as important as connections and exposure and SportaGo is the answer to that problem.

SportaGo is the social media app that helps all athletes by giving coaches and teams access to them.

Our Leaders

Thanks to our app, the playing field will be leveled for all athletes regardless of financial status. SportaGo is the future for all athletes.

Patrice is an implementation manager with six years of experience at ScribeAmerica, the world's leading medical scribe company. Patrice is also a former college basketball player.

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Patrice Sarrazin, C.E.O
Patrice Sarrazin, C.E.OCEO

Juliane is a data analyst with a M.A. in Applied Economics. She is a former Division 1 track athlete.

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Juliane Sormain, C.O.O
Juliane Sormain, C.O.OCOO


We are currently looking for investors to grow our company and create more innovative services that can benefit the sports community. If you would like to have more information or are interested in investing in SportaGo, please feel free to contact me at